Blog 1: Logos


Tesla Motors

The logo for Tesla Motors is easily my favorite car logo because of the wordmark design as well as the brandmark. The simple design is easily recognizable. The sharp points contrast well with the curves of the logo.



The FedEx logo is one of my favorite logos because of its simplicity. It is a simple wordmark design that also contains an arrow that is formed between the E and X. The color scheme of purple and orange is also very appealing.



The Amazon logo is the final logo that I am personally drawn to. Much like the FedEx logo it contains a hidden message in its design with an arrow pointing from A to Z referencing their wide range of products. It is a simple wordtext design but the basic black and orange color scheme is very appealing to me.


2 thoughts on “Blog 1: Logos”

  1. Its great that you talked about the movement of the Tesla logo from its sharp points and its curvier points. Also, it’s good that you included the hidden features in the Amazon and FedEx logos. These are logos that we’ve been seeing a lot of and I haven’t even noticed those little details until I read an article about a year ago, cause those small details can easily be overlooked.


  2. I like how you went into detail with the hidden messages within the FedEx and Amazon logos which really make them special. I learned these little secrets from an article I found while scrolling on my timeline. I like that the messages for each logo do cut through effectively and resonate well with the public.


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